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Fitness Assessment:

As an important part of any responsible training program, a fitness assessment is done to objectively measure one’s current level of physical fitness.  Without a proper fitness assessment, growth cannot be accurately measured.



Strength Training:

Sophia will guide you through a specifically designed exercise program tailored to your fitness level that will develop strength and increase endurance.  Sophia will ensure that workouts don’t get repetitive or boring. She will work with you by combining weights and cardio, as well as refer you to a nutrition counselor (Christine Avanti) so that you will achieve optimum results.

Tracking Results:

An important part of the process is tracking results. To maximize your progress, Sophia will continually monitor and adjust your program.  This cannot be done effectively without proper monitoring and ongoing assessments.  Sophia will continually tailor your program so that you are getting what you need to achieve  your goals.


Nutrition Counseling:

Currently, Sophia works with celebrity nutritionist Christine Avanti (formerly bybee),  Christine’s nutrition plan and motivation go hand in hand with Sophia’s training.  This team has worked together and has had many success stories.  Nutrition is very important to Sophia in order to achieve maximum results for her clients, so she found the top nutritionist in Los Angeles to help each individual excel.


Ongoing Training and Support:

Sophia will show you techniques to improve strength and endurance for a lifetime. You will learn valuable techniques that can be incorporated into your lifestyle for years to come.  Keeping you motivated is a must, and Sophia will fully support you throughout your transformation.

*Sophia has researched a team designed to help transform each of her clients into the individual they deserve to be.  She has chosen a hair stylist, massage therapist, facialist and chiropractor just for you. All were rated the top in their expertise.



It is very important for Sophia’s clients to feel their best all the time.  Sophia is aware the toll that exercise can take on one’s body, so she has worked closely with Chiropractor Dr. Randy Weinzoff to keep all of her clients feeling perfectly balanced with no injuries.

“Having experienced Dr. Weinzoff’s work and comparing him to many others, he is by far the best Chiropractor out there!”  Sophia Ruiz



Weight training and chiropractic adjustments are amazing, but working the body in different ways are also a must when training one’s body to reach its highest level of excellence. Patricia Hall is the top rated massage therapist in Los Angeles. (310) 818-1587

“Patricia has improved the well being of all my clients who see her.  She is undoubtedly the best  out there and keeps my clients feeling great and able to reach their goals.” Sophia Ruiz


Hair Stylist:

As we all know, exercise heals our bodies from the inside first. We start to develop harder bodies, with more definition and less body fat, and our skin and hair improves with healthy nutrition. Sophia has researched the top hair stylist in Los Angeles for years and has tried each of them out as well. Sophia knows that when we start developing higher self-esteem we want our newly firm bodies to match everything else. Sophia has chosen 2 top rated Hair stylist/makeup artists and hair colorists to help finalize many of her clients as they go through their transformations into the healthiest they can be.

For L.A.’s finest haircuts, deep conditioning’s, blow drys’s, eyebrows, make-up, color etc… Call Simone Sayas and visit her unique studio located in West L.A. 310-770-1410

“Simone Sayas is a true artist and will deliver just what you want. She is the best of the best!”

West Hollywood: Also, hair colorist contact information

“Sheri Román owner of Román Salon, has been the top ranked colorist in the West Hollywood area for over 20 years. Her incredible expertise and warm aura not only puts you at ease, but she gives you the results you’ve always dreamed of. She is undoubtedly the best colorist in L.A.” ___

 Manhattan Beach/South Bay: Crystal Comeau (310) 413-0108



Why not have the glowing skin you deserve to go with your newly defined body.  Sophia has found you the most knowledgeable facialist in the area.  Bora has been in the business for years and her attention to detail and warm personality have satisfied 100% of Sophia’s clientelle.

“She has the magic touch and keeps my skin looking fresh!” -Sophia Ruiz

Hair Stylist: