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Team of Trainers

Train with Sophia, or train with these highly recommended trainers who are the elite of the fitness world.  After being in the fitness business for years, Sophia has finalized a team of trainers that appeal to any individual looking to reach their fitness goals.  They’ve perfected the physiques of numerous actors, professional athletes, supermodels, and now they’re ready to help you achieve your goals.  Her selections were based on professionalism, knowledge and character.  Sophia feels honored to know such trainers, and proud to share them with you.  Whatever your health and fitness goals are, these trainers have numerous programs that will work for you.  Matching yourself to the perfect trainer is the first step in beginning your transformation!

“I’ve met hundreds of trainers, and over time I have observed, learned from and worked with the best of the best.  I have taken over 5 years to find trainers who share my philosophy, who are certified, educated, who get results and who are trustworthy.   It is my duty to serve those seeking a trainer with superb professionalism on every level.  These trainers understand what it takes to reach goals and possess everything a trainer should be. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a positive change.” -Sophia


Meet the Trainers:


“Physical fitness began in my early childhood. I entered into formal martial arts training as soon as I could walk and talk. I also gravitated toward gymnastics while still very young. The martial arts presented rigorous physical conditioning. As a teenager, I was already an instructor. I was a very skinny kid, however, and I found it frustrating to train with bigger and stronger adults. That’s what provoked my initial interest in weightlifting.

Later, while serving as a soldier and rescue swimmer in the military, physical fitness was a critical job priority. The military exposed me to different modalities of exercise, such as calisthenics, kettlebell training, yoga, and power-lifting. I educated myself assiduously in nutrition, aerobic exercise, and anaerobic exercise. Then, I began entering and winning several body-building contests. People saw my body change so profoundly that I was continually approached with questions about nutrition and training.

Eventually, both men and women asked me to train them in preparation for body-building contests, to get in shape for summer, or to lose pregnancy weight. That was the launch of my personal training career. I discovered that I possessed a gift for training clients, and I loved it so much that I could not imagine doing anything else.

My experience has expanded to encompass a wide range of clientele with various goals, including professional athletes preparing for competitive events, pre and post natal clients facing the challenges of childbirth, post-rehab patients returning to active lifestyles, and the fitness enthusiast who seeks a lean and healthy physique.

It is my mission to stay current on the safest and most effective fitness training regimens available. Long-term health promotion is one of my core principles, and I dispense professional advice that carefully incorporates exercise science’s newly emerging discoveries.

You can be confident that you will receive excellent instruction from a professional with the knowledge and experience to achieve optimal results.”



Tia has been a Certified Fitness Professional since1998. After studying at Los Angeles Southwest College, she has had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients which include athletes, top-level executives, medical professionals, teenagers, seniors, housewives and pregnant/postpartum clients.

Tia trains her clients at Elio’s Fitness in Santa Monica, as well as home gyms, private gyms and outdoor training. She is an expert at personalizing workout routines to fit each individual’s schedule and needs. Her approach targets weight training, cardiovascular fitness, core strengthening and flexibility. She also focuses on the nutritional habits of her clients and helps them reach their maximum total fitness goals.

She has the ability to keep her clients engaged and energized on their fitness journey by constantly challenging them with new routines and teaching them healthy nutrition, proper food shopping, preparation, and portion control. She is also skilled in using various training techniques and nutritional guidance to help obese clients lose weight and reach their fitness goals which could possibly save their lives. She is always educating herself with new fitness and nutritional programs.

Having worked as a fitness print model, Tia practices what she preaches, is in superb shape, follows a strict diet and loves a fitness challenge, whether it be running the Santa Monica stairs, a 12 mile run, (she completed the San Diego Marathon in 2003) hiking, biking, paddle boarding, and her newest hobbies slack lining and long boarding.

Tia is a rarity in Los Angeles, she is a great trainer with a warm smile, sparkling personality and a friendly and positive attitude that keeps clients motivated, successful, and coming back. She loves to help her clients and make their lives healthier and happier.



After graduating with a Bachelors of Science degree from USC in 1997 in Exercise Physiology, Jason focused on the world of strength and conditioning and injury prevention. With experience in physical and occupational therapy clinics, ergonomic consulting for major corporations, building well educated fitness teams for 24Hour Fitness and Bodies in Motion, and enrolling in continuing education courses, Jason’s mission is to help others add years to their life and havelife to those years.



Matt Wininger, who has a strong background in track and field, football, and bodybuilding, not only cares about each and every client, but strives to make every client believe in themselves. Matt is a firm believer that everything starts with a positive and strong mental approach. His high intensity, high volume, controlled resistance training is cutting edge, innovative and delivered in a fun and exciting way. He believes cardio is only as needed with a huge emphasis on diet.  He is a walking example of how to live a healthy lifestyle happily and efficiently.  “I think exercise is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not miserable and dreadful.” Matt always has a smile on his face, and having been coached for years by IFBB professional Will Harris, he has firsthand experience of how to sculpt and change a body to perfection.  The best trainers are the ones who go through what their clients go through. He understands pain, fatigue, muscle failure and mental blocks, and has the tools to help his clients get over all obstacles to reach their ultimate goal. Matt not only knows exactly what he’s doing, but he has the rare approach to deliver results while making exercise fun!  You’ll never catch Matt or his clients without a smile.